Sybian Rides 4 Cash – Elli Foxx

Elli is a one girl who really needs to have an orgasm. This Florida girl is 21 years old and she is a dog groomer. She has not had a boyfriend in two years, so she has to rely on the kindness of strangers in bars to pleasure her. It has been three months since her last orgasm with someone else, but she has not given herself an orgasm in over a month. I am here to help! Elli has heard good things about the Sybian from her girlfriends, but she has never tried it for herself until her ride with me today. She confesses that she loves clitoral stimulation, but she loves to have something insider her pussy as she is being stimulated. It takes little convincing for her to remove her bra and top after the first five minutes on my Sybian. When she does remove her bra, I see a rare thing: a pair of small, all-natural titties! My goal is to tease Elli to the point that she begs me to let her cum. That does not take very long, and I give her what she wants so badly. In fact, I force several orgasms out of Elli during her time with me and my Sybian. How many does she have? We both lost count! I can tell you that Elli did not want to get off of the Sybian, even after several powerful orgasms.

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